About the author

Andrew was born and educated in Ealing, London. He completed his studies in 1984 by graduating from Brighton Polytechnic with a degree in ‘Physics with Physical Electronics.´ In 1990 Andrew went travelling around the world and on his return he resumed his career in the IT industry. He is married with one son, lives in Ealing and enjoys playing chess, cycling, and writing. The Age of Not Believing is Andrew´s first illustrated story for children.

About the illustrator

Pat has over 30 years experience as a designer, art buyer and illustrator. She enjoys working with narrative, her favourite subject areas being classics, mythology, fantasy and horror. Included in her many works are illustrations for MirrorStorm- Egmont Books 2009, Fairies- Carlton Books 2007 and a front cover for Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. More information about Pat’s portfolio can be found at www.patriciamoffett.com

About the making of this book

Up to the publication of this book, I had never met with my illustrator, Pat Moffett, even though we had been working intensely over five months in producing this book. Despite our geographical separation, we were in constant daily contact exchanging ideas, sharing thoughts and constantly revising illustrations and layouts. This book is a direct result of a very modern phenomenon, that we all take for granted, called the Internet. ‘The Age of Not Believing´ is a traditional style of story created for and in a very modern Age. Andrew Szlachetko.