The Age of Not Believing

The Age of Not Believing is a magical new Christmas story for children. It is beautifully illustrated, classical in style and it is sure to please as it is to surprise!

How it all begins...

It was Christmas Eve and Thomas was getting ready to go to sleep. He was at the age of not believing, which is the age at which children begin to stop believing in the magic of Christmas. He knelt down by his bedside to say his evening prayers and, as he finished whispering his blessings, he looked out of the window.

All the trees, rooftops and houses were covered in snow. The darkness of the night was broken by the amber glow of street lights. Snow was continuing to fall. Everything was calm. The only sound that Thomas could hear was footsteps crunching against the snow, as a woman walking a big dog passed his house. As Thomas watched the snowflakes float gently past his window, he was soothed into a deep and peaceful sleep....

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